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Welcome to GregoryTechSoft's StorySurfer Integrated Writing Environment!


Hello, fellow writers! Thanks for using this program. There is so much to be said, I almost don't know where to begin.

I have been creating this program due to my own failed attempts at finding a suitable writer's-assistant software. Though this program is by no means anywhere near complete, I promise to continually keep the program as up-to-date as possible.

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Program Features.

What is StorySurfer? A good question -- one that cannot be answered in just one sentence. StorySurfer Integrated Writing Environment (shortened to SSIWE) is an application to write almost anything: magazine articles, short stories, or novels. It will handle creating and modifying the writing project's series/story information, as well as the story's characters, character/familial/organizational relationships, locations (from metaverse on down to local site information), items that need description, timelines, manuscript submission tracking, and a ToDo list. It will also be able to handle extraneous research (mostly html, rtf, or text files) to be integrated and searchable. For a complete listing of current features, see this page.

What's New and Exciting.

For a complete listing of what is new, including a link to the version history, see this page.

What's Being Planned for Development.

On this page, I am listing what I've been planning for the next, or a near future, release of the program.

Many Thanks to the People Who Helped.

Throughout this application's development timeline, I have gained the assistance and cameraderie of many fellow programmers, writers, and beta-test people. I would also like to thank the developers of any third-party components I have used. Find out who, at this page.

Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks.

Should you have any trouble with the program, check for some common solutions.

Other Important Links.

Over the course of developing this program and its help system, I've been trying to put the right information where necessary. But some details just don't seem to have a natural home. Here are the pertinent links.