Features Currently Available in StorySurfer Integrated Writing Environment

Main Menu

Building on the most-easily-recognizable standard Windows menu structure, you'll find menus for file operations, editing tasks, story structure creation, wizards and task-completers, program options and settings, as well as the ubiquitous help menu.

Tabbed Pages

I'm still modifying the visual presentation of my program, which is currently in the format of a main form containing a tabbed page component. Each tab is a specific module within the program, and is linked to a specific dataset from the datamodule form. The modules I have included are:

It should be said that some of the individual page tabs are still far from being finished. For example, I don't use magic in my stories, as I'm only writing Science Fiction stories. If you have questions, comments, or examples for me to include for those of you who do, don't hesitate to send them to me (as per the details on my contacts page).

Application Wizards
Wizards automate processes that would otherwise take a lot of clicking and typing; while they won't completely eliminate it (you'll still want to browse through the results to manually make minor adjustments), application wizards can auto-generate a lot of data in a short amount of time.