So, What's the Big Idea, Anyway?

Well, it's more or less to provide a creative, intuitive way to "build" a story, using whatever aspects are desired -- as much for my own writing needs as for those of my fellow writers. But, read onward for more information....

Develop A More Intuitive Program.

Being a writer is a great opportunity -- as well as responsibility -- for anyone. If you are aleady one, then I need not tell you this. If you aren't, then hopefully soon you will be able to see for yourself.

There is so much information that can be created, however, that sometimes a writer needs professional software solutions to maintain it all.

True, applications of various specifications and purposes do exist to handle much of this. The problem is, there are quite a few specific sub-types of writer's applications: many supplied some functionality that others might have missed or not done well, while not a one of them provides all the features of every other one, and -- I feel -- very few did most of their features well (or at least intuitively).

None of them captured my attention well enough for me to keep using or consider paying for it.

So for me, it was 'six of one / half a dozen of another': Do I use these numerous applications and have a mess of data all over the place, or do I keep looking for a better program to maintain the data?

Utilize My Growing Programming Skills.

The reason I began developing this integrated writing environment is that, as noted above, I've tried demos and trials of various commercial software, shareware and freeware in my search of a great program to write my own stories -- programs that are supposed to help organize the writing process. Again, there is not one of them that are integrated in a way that can develop all aspects of a story seamlessly, and I wanted one in the worst way. Being the neophyte hobbyist programmer that I am -- with two projects already under my belt -- I wanted to see if I could create an application that would fit my requirements just to see if it could be done.

And, I must mention, I wanted it to be a program that I could and would be able to share with fellow writers looking for the same features. Second, I am a great believer in freeware solutions (more specifically, Open Source projects; there are several sites on the Internet that better describe this).

And so I've decided to create an application environment to help me manage all the research and details that go into writing and world-building a story.